A hidden talent!


I haven’t yet disclosed my other favourite past time that manages to chill me out and gives me a little me time!

I’ve always have loved having my nails painted. My very first memory of purchasing a dusky pink peel off nail polish from a toy shop still resides very strongly in my mind. The smell of it too! And a very nice memory of the teenage boy who used serve me! Who I thought I was going to marry one day! Lol 😉


I can’t believe I found this picture! 🙂

It’s so nice to start off with a blank canvas and by the end you have these amazing jewelled fingers to show off!


Ok so when I’m not cooking, baking, cleaning and looking after my children which is nearly always…you’ll find me on the sofa when the boys are napping, eagarly making my hands pretty!

Do come join me next time? And also let me know some of your hidden talents x
Much love D x

Ps ~ I was inspired to share my talent after visiting Bandhna’s beautiful blog

Please check it out…also some excellent food recipes and stunning nail polishes x Thanks for the inspiration!

21 thoughts on “A hidden talent!

  1. Yay! As you can see on my photo on the side, I love painting my nails. Well, not like this all the time. I just got tired doing the household stuffs and decided to play with my nail polishes. Mmm, as for the hidden talents or let’s say interest… I might do a post about that next time. 😉

  2. I and iChat a slacker when it comes to keeping up with my nails. Never had the desire. For some reason I can never paint my nails. Yours look gorgeous and very inspiring especially today on the festival of karvachauth.

  3. That’s so cool! I love nail polish too, but my nails are nowhere as pretty as yours. I have brittle nails, and it always seem to break just when I’ve painstakingly grown them out a bit. Do you have any tips for that, Dimple?
    And lol about your girly crush… we’ve all had our fair share, haven’t we?

  4. I bite my nails… yea.. there I said it. I have the most ugly pair of hands EVER! Your nails just make me “sigh”. I don’t think I can ever grow my nails.. and if they ever did … they would all just chip away… they’re SO brittle.

  5. That’s just beautiful Dimple! Love it 🙂 And thanks so much for linking back to me, how sweet! I absolutely love having my nails done. It gives me happiness! Pretty superficial happiness but happiness nonetheless 🙂 xx

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