Sweet luxury faluda milk


A cooling refreshing ice cream float in milk laced with sweet rose syrup. Plus the addition of basil seeds which is closely related to the new wonder chia seeds! Also with vermicelli that sinks to the bottom and makes it a treat at the end to scoop out from the bottom of your tall glass!

One of my husband’s favourites when we go to an Indian restaurant. So as he’s feeling under the weather, I knew this large pink glass full of sweet milk and ice cream would cheer him up no end! And I was right lol!



2 tbsp basil seeds
3 tbsp rose syrup
4 tbsp vermicelli mini
Cold milk
Scoop of vanilla ice cream


• Boil the vermicelli for 5 minutes and strain. Keep aside to cool



• Put the basil seeds in a bowl and soak the seeds with enough cold water for 5 minutes


• Pour in the rose syrup into a tall glass add the soaked basil seeds and 2
tablespoons of the boiled vermicelli. Add cold milk to and stir. Place the scoop of ice cream onto the milk to top it off


You’ll definitely need a tall spoon to devour the goodness!

Enjoy! Much love D x


11 thoughts on “Sweet luxury faluda milk

  1. Yummy thing Dimple :). I am a fan of falooda. I am definitely ping to try it with basil or chia seeds and pista or malai kulfi. This is how we eat in Delhi region. Kulfi falooda. You don’t get any authentic type in USA as in actually, falooda is made freshly with arrowroot starch. Bit will try soon :). Thanks for this yumminess!

  2. I am still struggling to finish off the last packet of basil seeds. They really expand when added into water. Its gonna be used for this simple yet soothing and cooling falooda.

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