Dimple Makani ~ In depth

Hello lovely people out there! My name is Dimple, I am a wife, mother and currently at home looking after my two beautiful sons.

I have been cooking more since I got married 9 years ago and have been baking for 4 years now. My cooking has been inspired by so many that have touched my life. My husband, parents, family and friends but the one person who is and will always be my inspiration is my Aunt from India who devastatingly passed over in 2012 with Cancer. My cooking angel x


It was in early 2005 that I went to India to do my wedding shopping and it was then that my Aunt introduced me to the culinary art of cooking. I was never one to experiment with food and was not a very confident cook but she changed all that. We used to go to the markets to buy fresh groceries and then come back to her flat and cook for everyone together. She always said that as long as I made the food with love it didn’t matter if it wasn’t perfect as the essence of my love would run through it and I knew it would reach all that ate my food.

My Aunt was so open hearted and giving that when I told her that I wished to purchase some recipe books, she just said come with me. We went to her room and she took out a set of eight books by Sanjeev Kapoor “Simply Vegetarian, recipes for the Indian kitchen”. The whole set covered accompaniments, starters, main meals and desserts. I was entrusted with them and I have used them ever since with very fond memories of us cooking together.


As a cook there is always an item of cooking utensil that will be special to you. If you are an Indian woman, you will know the importance of your very own rolling pin. As it is this pin we use to make our daily bread chapatis and much more. We get so very use to our own as it aids us to make our trade mark unleavened bread.

This is how gracious my Aunt was that she handed me her rolling pin to remember her by when I cooked for my family that I was about to start, not knowing we would not be able to be together and cook again. I am always grateful for this as my children were not able to meet her but her love for me and them transpires in every chapati I make.


I am so happy to have been in her life and thank her from the bottom of my heart for the love of food and cooking I now have because of her. I also wish to dedicate this blog “Shivaay delights” to her! As without her, this blog would not exist. Much love xxxx

A massive thank you also to my lovely husband who has encouraged me to set up this blog and supports my passion for cooking. My parents have always told me to follow my heart and they have always introduced me to new foods ever since I was young. Love you all xxxx



I really hope you enjoy my blog as much as I am enjoying the cooking, writing and picture taking. Thank you ever so much for visiting xxxx

Folded paratha pizza


I sit here typing away with this delicious breakfast I have just made in my hand. It got made so quickly and is being indulged even quicker! Normally I make my parathas but when I went shopping I noticed a ready made frozen lacha paratha and couldn’t resist.

The pizza element came from the fact that I had made home made pizzas last night and I had a wonderful tomato sauce staring me in the face saying use me!
So both the paratha and sauce, along with generous mozarella married this morning and became my delightful breakfast. I’ve just finished the one posted in the picture here. I think it’s time to make some more!



Lacha paratha cooked (home made or frozen)
200g tomato passata blended
3 cloves garlic whole peeled
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp salt
Pinch of sugar
1 tbsp olive oil
grated mozzarella


1. To make the tomato sauce, heat oil in a small saucepan, add garlic and oregano let the flavours infuse into the oil on a low flame for a few minutes

2. Pour in the passata, mix in the salt and sugar and combine well. On a low heat let the sauce take on a thicker consistency. Once the consistency is a little thinner than a paste take off the heat

3. Heat a non stick frying pan and place your cooked paratha into the pan. Spoon out some tomato sauce with whole garlic pieces and smother with grated mozarella, fold the paratha in half and cook gently on both sides until the inside is nice and melted and gooey!