Sweet and savoury bakes


I’ve been baking since I got pregnant with my first baby back in 2010.  I think having a bun in the oven literally inspired me to start baking and I’m not one for resting and putting my feet up even in pregnancy! so my passion for baking had started!!!

Baking relaxes me and I enjoy it immensely, as does my two baby sons. Yes second baby boy came along too in this time.  Just to see the eldest’s face light up when he realises something is happening in the oven and the smile on my youngest’s when he takes out a big bite from one of mummy’s new bakes.

I thought I would share some of my previous sweet and savoury bakes with all you lovely people.  I will try and put some recipes up to go with them as soon as I can.  This is just to wet your appetite! there is plenty more to come, hope you enjoy as much as I love baking for all

Love D x


From top left: dark chocolate chip muffins, coffee and walnut cake, chunky chocolate loaf, walnut & coffee iced cup cakes, decadent chocolate cake, valentine’s cookies, chocolate & raspberry torte, classic victoria sponge, lemon melts


One of my favourites almond and chocolate biscotti!


Olive bread from Lorraine Pascale who I think is fantastic and my take on the comforting pretzel

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