Home made pizza top tips!



I don’t think there is any pizza better than home made pizza! You can probably make a pizza quicker at home than ordering from outside, having it collected or delivered.    

I have written up my top tips for making home made pizza easier to make and the experience even more delicious! Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Top tips
☆ grease pizza tray (with holes) and place in oven whilst preheating. This gives an incredible crispy base

☆ pre cook the fresh dough base so that you know it’s cooked through and then add your favourite toppings

☆ add a little garlic to your tomato sauce to give more flavour to the rest of the pizza

☆ spread your tomato sauce on your cooked base. Then sprinkle grated cheddar cheese,add all your chosen toppings and finish off with a handful of grated mozarella cheese. Great combination of cheeses!

☆ make sure your oven is at maximum temperature.  Mine is kept at 220c and I have found it to give great colour to the pizza, and almost a wood fired taste to the base especially if you roll the base out thin